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New Game Zones


Church of the Living Dead - A few Zombies are holed up in a Church, move in and destroy the Church and them in it.  Watch out for "Zombies" in your team.  Who do you trust?  Look around, who looks like the Living Dead?  Oh and watch out for the hidden snipers!

Hostage Rescue - A multi task game.  Locate and destroy the satellite dish to knockout comms.  Then work you way through the Terrorist camp to find the hostage and liberate them.  Enemy troops just keep arriving.  Plenty of smoke grenades and fashbangs are the order to the day to cover your attack and cause confusion in the Enemy camp.


Advance bookings essential


To avoid disappointment you must book in advance - many forthcoming weekends already fully booked and we have wait lists for cancellations.

We would suggest a minimum of 3 weeks if you have a particular weekend date in mind otherwise you may have to compromise on date.

You must secure your bookings with £9.99 per person non refundable deposit.

Sell offers

Skirmish Paintball Vouchers


Stuck for a present - birthday, leaving or just to say thank you.  Why not get a personalised paintball voucher - you decide how much you want to spend.

Can be for one player or more.  For a group of 10 players can be as little as £49.99.  This would include entrance fee, hire of all paintball equipment, coveralls, varied games and even a light lunch if booking for a full day.