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How its Done


To remove the stump we use a machine called a stump grinder. This machine grinds the stump into chippings which we believe is the most efficient method of destroying the stump and leaves the area ready for the next stage of garden design, replanting or construction work.

The process is designed to cause the minimum ground disturbance. We tackle any size of stump from a few inches in diameter upwards. We grind tree stumps and surface roots to well below ground level. The end result is the expert removal of your stump and roots preventing re-growth. We always leave the area clean and tidy, ready for you to replant, turf or to build on. The remains of the stump is a mixture of woodchip and soil, this is an excellent mulch and is usually left available to you to compost or use elsewhere in the garden (removal of this can be arranged if necessary).

Simply Stumps use very versatile equipment, which is motorised, and self-propelled. At only 31 inches wide it easily gains access to most small back gardens. The compact nature does not limit its use to domestic situations, as contract work is regularly undertaken for commercial operators including Tree Surgeons, Landscapers, Builders, Fencing contractors, Local Government, Estate Managers and Utility contractors.

As many of our customers are other businesses, we aim to form a close working relationship with these local companies. Due to the nature of our business we are often offered tree and garden work etc. As we are only involved with the removal of tree stumps we pass this work back to reputable local companies.

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We work for other local businesses such as Landscapers,Tree Surgeons, Gardeners and builders.


We work towards building a relationship with local companies to forfill their needs for tree stump removal services as they arrise. We understand that often the removal of a tree stump is causing a delay of the construction process of for example building a driveway or patio. In such circumstances we will do our best to re-arrange our shedule or work out of our usual hours in order to remove a problem tree stump that is causing the delay.