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New Lab Essentials - Special Offer Pricing


Download the pdf brochure from our website and check out the promotional pricing on a range of popular Azlon beakers and bottles - offering great value for money with a host of useful features.  The popular alternative to glass.

Visit http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=350

New Glassware Ranges - Special offer pricing.


Download the pdf brochure on the website for special offer pricing on a range of popular glassware items including beakers, flasks and filtration apparatus.


New Chemizorb® H+ - absorbent and neutraliser for spilled acids, with indicator


Spills and accidents happen and one of the actions is to remove the aggressive acids quickly and safely.  Chemizorb consists of a powder mixture of a mineral copolymer as absorbent, an alkaline neutraliser and an indicator.  Available in 500g and 2.5kg sizes all labs, stores and warehouses should have some!

New VWR® Standard Line Mechanical Pipettes


Variable Volume.  Fully autoclavable

These new VWR Standard line pipettes provide accuracy and precision you can rely on.  The ergonomic features deliver comfortable pipetting even during extensive periods of use.

3 year warranty.  Download the flyer for more details.


Mettler Toledo FiveEasy Plus benchtop pH Meters


Benchtop pH meters - outstanding performance and price.

Special offer price of £450.00 for the two kit versions on the flyer.  Offer only valid until 30/09/14

Mettler Toledo quality

Data storage for 99 measurements

Handy electrode arm included


Buy ANY Explorer balance and get a portable Navigator completely FREE!!


Choose ANY Ohaus Explorer balance and get a portable Navigator one FREE.  Ideal for general everyday tasks while the Explorer covers the analytical and precision needs.  Visit http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=298

Must be time to stock up on Lab Coats again


If you're looking to replace your laboratory coats or are just looking for some new ones then look no further.

Download our flyer and check out the lab coats available.

There are standard white polycotton V-Neck, navy versions, Howie style and cotton V-neck.

Prices start from only £6.50

Offer valid until 31/12/14

Don't miss out!

Astell benchtop autoclaves.


Astell's front loading benchtop autoclaves operate from a single phase power supply and require no plumbing; ideal for a busy laboratory environment.  'Classic' and 'Autofill' models are available.

  • Choice of 33,43 and 63 L models
  • Fully programmable touch screen controller
  • 5 preset cycles
  • No installation required


Visit http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=287

Presspak Newsletter - KNF Pumps


Featured in this edition is the new Simdos 2 dosing pump from KNF.  Save 15% on prices from 1st April to end of June 2014.  Also featured are the range of KNF Vacuum systems suitable for use with all brands of rotary evaporator.  Suitable for many other applications.

Visit http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=271

NEW Techne Dri-Block® Heaters for 2014


Techne Dri-Block® heaters have been providing a safe, dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory for 50 years. The new 2014 model has some new innovative features and a modern look.

Techne Dri-Block® heaters facilitate the heating of test-tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, cuvettes and microtitre plates. Applications include incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet washing, sample concentration, enzyme digestions, enzyme activity studies, nucleic acid hybridisations and many other clinical and industrial purposes. Larger models are available for high throughput applications like Chemical Oxygen Demand. A twin control unit is also available and each block can be set at different temperatures, ideal for multiple user laboratories and when samples must be transferred quickly between two temperatures.

VWR Collection Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths


Robust, efficient and reliable

Available with various options - Timer, Timer and heater, Timer, heater and power control

Download the brochure now


Help with Conductivity (Part 2)


Below is the second installment from Mettler Toledo - A Guide to conductivity measurement –Theory and Practice of Conductivity Applications.  This comprehensive booklet goes into detail about how to measure conductivity, theory and the laboratory environment.  We hope you find it useful.     http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=233

Help with Conductivity (Part 1)


The guide attached helps to answer the 7 most asked questions about conductivity. As always if you're looking for any conductivity meters or any other equipment please don't hesitate to get in touch. http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=232

Exclusive Promotion on Thermo Finnpipette® F1 & F2 Pipettors


Savings of 35% on the Thermo Finnpipette® F1 and F2 Pipettors and up to 40% on Finntips®.


Offer available until 31/12/13 - Item codes on the flyer MUST be quoted.


Just call our sales desk on 0870 034 2055 or e-mail sales@prlabs.co.uk


Download the flyer NOW!!!     http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=228

Ohaus Navigator® – the best portable balance on the market, now even more competitive!


The Ohaus Navigator® series is designed for a wide variety of weighing applications. It features ABS housing, stainless steel pan and 30 mm high LCD display.


This portable scale is able to produce precise results rapidly and with its touchless sensors and the numerous functions, will meet an amazing number of weighing needs.  Whatever industry you're in this balance can help, whether it be industry supplies, food service, quality control, office supplies, parts counting, education, laboratory etc..


And now as of October 1st 2013 Ohaus are introducing significantly lower prices for the LCD versions of the range.

OHAUS Value in a Full-Featured, Portable Printer


The all-new SF40A combines high performance and multiple functions to offer OHAUS quality and durability in a portable printer. The SF40A offers advanced functionality in an easy-to-use and set up printer at an exceptional value. This versatile printer is ideal for use in conjunction with OHAUS balances and scales in laboratory, industrial, and educational applications to ensure accurate documentation of weighing results.

The statistics and totalisation modes and real time clock complement OHAUS weighing instruments’ application modes and offer functionality that assists the weight determination and reporting processes.

SF40A helps support the efficiency of the weighing and recording processes. RS232 interface and PC configuration software make setting up and using the printer fast and simple.

With the ability to print in 13 different languages, SF40A can print in the language of the connected device to support universal operation

New Presspak - VWR Brand Visiscope® Microscopes


The new edition of our Presspak newsletter is due out. Please download the flyer below.

The Visiscope range of microscopes is designed to fulfil all requirements in education, biology labs and industry using the latest technological developments.

A full range of monocular, upright microscopes, digital, polarising, inverted, stereo and stereo zoom http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=207

Lab Coats - Stock up now with these special offer prices!


If you're looking to replace your laboratory coats or are just looking for some new ones then look no further.

Download the flyer below and check out the lab coats available. There are standard white polycotton V-neck, navy versions, Howie style and cotton V-neck. Prices are from £7.20 each.

Offer is valid until 30th September 2013.

Don't miss out! Terms and conditions apply. Visit http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=195

Labwash® Premium Detergents. Affordable with Excellent Results!


Excellent cleaning with no residue

High purity biodegradable ingredients

High activity but low consumption

Compatible with most materials

Ecologically inert

1, 5, 10 and 20L plastic packs

The Labwash® Premium range of 20 detergents was developed in collaboration with experts.  The range is extensive and includes good all round performance plus specialist products for specific requirements in different applications in pharma, petrochemicals, food industries, clinical labs etc...

Most labs use detergents for manual washing or for use in machines.  This range is affordable and some considerable savings can be made when compared to other brands.

We are able to cross reference most makes to enable you to see which is most suitable for your needs.

Also in the downloadable flyer is an excellent water bath protective agent called Aquaresist which prevents the growth of algae and bacteria in water baths and circulating thermostats.  it's effective for weeks, as displayed by a colour indicator.  Supplied in a 100ml bottle.  Why not give it a go!

Special Summer Savings on Pumps and benchtop autoclaves


Save 10% now on the new VWR Brand vacuum/pressure piston pumps.  Designed for continuous unattended operation with manual regulators to adjust and easily monitor the required vacuum or pressure level.


As if that wasn't enough, save even more on the VWR Vapour-Line bench top vertical autoclaves.  Ideal for most labs - small footprint, portable and automatic, pressure gauge and digital display.


Download the special offer sheet and save now!  Prices valid until 31/08/13      http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=189

New Presspak. New Products


The new edition of Presspak is out now and features some new products and some improved products.


If you have any requirements for Sterilin disposable containers or filtration requirements then give us a call or e-mail us.

Laboratory Seating


New generation workplace chairs for the new generation of work in research, development and production.

Today‘s complex working environment becomes more and more demanding. A company that wants to attract and keep qualified employees has to provide ideal working conditions, these ideal working conditions start with an ideal workplace chair.

The new range of seating from VWR addresses that. Please download the brochure attached and call us if you need a quote


VWR - TOP CLOG autoclavable clogs


  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Anti-static, anti-slip SRA
  • Energy absorption in the heel
  • Side perforation for ventilation
  • Machine washable at 90 °C; autoclavable at 134 °C
  • No toe cap, no heel strap (order separately*)
  • Double sizes and different colours

EN ISO 20347: 2007

Clogs made from thermoplastic material (S.E.B.S.). Wide fitting and comfortable shape.

*Please contact us for ordering information


CERTAN Vials - the ampoule in a bottle


Unopened glass ampoules are ideal for storing volatile standards, but once opened they are no longer suitable for storage. The alternative use of screw cap bottles can result in evaporation through the thread. There is also a risk of contamination from the cap.

The CERTAN® bottle is a sample container with a capillary-opening. It has been specifically developed for use with organic reference solutions. Using the CERTAN® bottle makes the problems of storing volatile solutions a thing of the past. The bottles come in a range of sizes to meet your needs.  The unique design makes it almost impossible to spill the contents

Water for Molecular Biology


Looking for water for molecular biology?  Look no further - Sterile, RNase-free, DNase-free, Protease-free, Calcium-free, Magnesium-free, RT-PCR Tested.


Certified water quality from an ISO® 9001 / cGMP environment


Certified water quality: Each bottle is delivered with a Certificate of Quality. Strict quality control tests and production in an ISO® 9001 / cGMP environment  provide high quality water for critical molecular biology experiments.

Trusted manufacturer: Manufactured by Merck Millipore, leader in water purification and molecular biology products.

Easy traceability: one label can be peeled off and affixed to a laboratory notebook for traceability in experiments.

Volume range adapted to user needs: available in 1L, 0.5 L and 125 mL bottles in different package sizes.


Read the pdf on our website for more information and contact us with your requirements.


Water for Cell Culture


Looking for water for cell culture?  Look no further - Sterile, Pyrogen-free, Mycoplasma-free, Calcium-free, Magnesium-free, Cell Culture Tested.


Certified water quality from an ISO® 9001 / cGMP environment


Certified water quality: Each bottle is delivered with a Certificate of Quality. Strict quality control tests and production in an ISO® 9001 / cGMP environment provide high-quality water for critical cell culture experiments.

Mycoplasma-free water.

Trusted manufacturer: Manufactured by Merck Millipore, leader in water purification and cell culture products and techniques.

Easy traceability: one label can be peeled off and affixed to a laboratory notebook for traceability in experiments.

Volume range adapted to user needs: available in 1L, 0.5 L and 125 mL bottles in different package sizes.

Read the pdf on our website for more information and contact us with your requirements.


Portable bench top autoclave - Simplicity at it's best!


VWR® “TIMO” autoclaves






“Timo” autoclave are easy to use: Short user instructions are printed on front panel covering the standard procedure to be used. Digital display shows set temperature, thermoprobe temperature and sterilization timing. There is a pressure gauge on the top cover for analogue pressure control.


“Timo” is a light autoclave with aluminium sterilization chamber. Easy to transfer, you can use it wherever you need it. Quick to load and unload, this portable automatic autoclave is

easy to program for daily efficiency. The external case is made with AISI 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning and sanitizing.


Thermally insulated top cover protects the user from hot surface. Safety thermostat disconnects the heating in case of overtemperature.  Safety valve prevents pressure overpassing the maximum set limit inside the sterilization chamber.

Portable, automatic, plug & play - easy to use and maintain - and Affordable!

Complete with 2 year warranty.  Download the flyer now and request a quote


Amazing Price Crash on VWR Collection Water Baths!!


Save an amazing 40% on the VWR Collection of VWB Water Baths!


• Digital temperature indicator with 3 customisable fixed temperatures

• Digital timer

• Balancing distribution of temperature by flat radiator

• Transparent polycarbonate lid with hinge

• Drain cock and removable shelf as standard

• Residual heat display on standby

• Power and heating indicator lamps in the display

• Dry-running protection


2 Year warranty as standard and comes complete with hinged lid and removable shelf


Download the flyer today and save some money!!!


The best culture conditions.....


The Binder KT115 refrigerated incubator with Peltier Technology (Art.No.9020-0209) is NOW available as standard model.


The best culture conditions in the BINDER KT 115:


• Homogeneous incubation with APT.lineTM technology

• Intuitive operation with LCD display

• Effective disinfection at 100 °C

• Environmentally friendly and energy-saving operation

• Peltier Technology without harmful coolants


Normal list price £3800.  Special offer price £2900!  Valid until 31/12/12.  Don't miss out on this fantastic offer!!


The amazing Ohaus Explorer Balance Range


The Ohaus Explorer® has a user-friendly colour touch screen display and a series of programmable touch free sensors.  It is intuitive and easy to use.  Set up is easy and automatic internal calibration makes things easier still.  Data can be exported to PC into Excel.  No software disc is required as it is all carried on the balance itself.


Different users can be set up with different privileges and an ingenious draftshield allows ample access and visibility to the weighing chamber and features anti-static coated glass.


By quoting the code on the flyer you can save 20% off the usual price!


Offer valid until 31st December 2012


Visit http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=139

IKA Ingenuity-The Ultra Turrax Tube Drive Control


Introducing a world first from IKA - The ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive Control.


A unique and universal dispersing, stirring, homogenising and grinding system with hermetically sealable disposable sample tubes.


Dispersing, stirring and grinding with a single drive unit

No possibility of cross-contamination

High level of user safety

Anti-locking function

Chemical-resistant plastic

Simple & Safe Disposal

Tubes with 2 - 15 ml and 15 - 50 ml

Suitable for many application areas e.g. Food analysis, agriculture, biology, brewery, cosmetics, medicine, paint, petrochemistry, environmental & more.


Tube Drive Control only £484 with tubes from £39.50 per pack.


Order before 31st August and get 15% introductory discount on the drive and the chosen tubes.


Download the pdf newsletter for more information or visit IKA's microsite for more information.  Or request a demonstration from us.


Special Summer Offer-Tom Tom Start 25UK Sat Nav


Many of our customers have drivers out on the road for various reasons, delivery drivers, representatives, people out in the field taking samples or collecting samples etc...


Until 31st August we are able to offer the Tom Tom Start 25UK Sat Nav for only £124.99


Tom Tom are a market leader and having supplied a number of these units recently we are able to extend this offer price to all our customers

  • 5” Touch Screen
  • Advanced lane guidance gives extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions
  • Provides spoken street names
  • Rely on detailed maps with rich maps
  • Easy access to preselected frequent destinations
  • Navigate to nearby parking with parking assist
  • Reliable arrival times with IQ RoutesTM

Don't miss out on this opportunity!!

Download our pdf flyer and check out the details.

June July Presspak newsletter


Save and amazing 15% on A&D Instruments new HR-A and HR-AZ balances.  Visit http://www.prlabs.co.uk/news/article.php?Id=132 for more information.

Remember - P&R Labpak for all your laboratory equipment needs.

May June Presspak Newsletter - New Stuart Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers!


The market leading range of Stuart hotplate/stirrers has been redesigned.

The new Undergrad range is stylish and economical and offers a number of novel features.

Get 10% discount during May and June by quoting STUART10 and referring to our newsletter.  Offer applies to the SCT1 additional temperature controller as well.

Don't miss out on these new models at these great prices!

Download the newsletter from our website now!



Professional Glassblowing & repair services


Why throw expensive broken laboratory glassware away when it can be repaired?  Why make do with glassware that doesn't quite do the job?  What not get some made to your specification?  It's not as expensive as you may think!

Our years of experience in the industry and wide portfolio of supply partners make us the supplier of choice whatever your requirements. From mass-produced micro components to custom made large, complex reaction and distillation systems, we are sure to have the solution.

Whether an OEM component, or a one-off, we will assist in design from the concept stage to help selection of stock sizes and components, and suggest manufacturing efficiencies to ensure best value.

  • We can manufacture all types of glassware from one-off reactors up to 500 litres in capacity to precision components in their thousandS
  • Many items of glassware, particularly complex jointed glassware are repairable without detriment to strength or function. Why not ask for a free repair quotation?
  • Precision components in Stainless Steel, PTFE, and Precision Plastics, are available which can be made to mate with glassware. E.g. Taps, Caps, Stirrers & Locating Blocks, all designed to withstand extremes of temperature and chemical exposure.