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  • Archers Meat Supplies Ltd.

    Winston Churchill House, Ethel StreetB2 4BG Birmingham

    ... Business Advice

  • Asia Halal Meat Supplier Ltd.

    96 Bissell StreetB5 7HP Birmingham

    ... Meat Wholesale

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  • Premier Meat Supplies

    263 Beeches RoadB42 2QS Birmingham0121 366 6738

    ..., Butchers, Butcher, Fishmonger, Meat Products, Seafood Market, Meat Retail, Fish, Meat Supplier

  • F E Bridges Meat Supplies Ltd.

    9 Coppice WayB37 5TX Birmingham0121 770 7079

    ... Meat Supplier, Butcher, Meat Retail, Boning, Butcher Shops

  • Danish Bacon Co. PLC

    Denmark House 721 Kings Road, Great BarrB44 9HT Birmingham0121-360-0123

    ... Meat Suppliers, Meat Products

  • H E Haynes & Son

    22 Blakeland Street, Bordesley GrnB9 5XG Birmingham0121-772-6512

    ... Wholesale, Meat Wholesalers, Drink Suppliers, Catering Supply, Meat Suppliers, Catering Suppliers

  • A Gee & Son

    75 Pershore RoadB5 7NX Birmingham0121-440-2160

    ... Cuts Of Meat, Butchery, Meat Supplier, Meat Retail

  • Zakir Meat Ltd.

    33-48 Charles Henry StB12 0SD Birmingham0121 622 7155

    ... Meat Wholesale, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Suppliers

  • Foremost Quality Foods & Freezers Ltd.

    130 Lea Village, Kitts GrnB33 9SL Birmingham0121-783-5344

    ... Meat Products, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Suppliers

  • Central Butchers Ltd.

    9 Greenwood WayB37 5TL Birmingham0121-770-1163

    ... Meat Supplier, Trimming, Butchery, Meat Products

  • A E Poxon & Sons Ltd.

    16 Newtown Shopping CentreB19 2SB Birmingham0121-359-1075

    ... Butcher, Trimming, Boning, Meat Supplier, Cuts Of Meat

  • George Dobson & Co

    Unit 13 Whsle Mkt Prec Pershore St, 5B5 6UA Birmingham0121 622 2920

    ... Meat Retail, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Supplier, Meat, Wholesale, Meat Wholesale, Meat Suppliers

  • Sunnydale Products Ltd.

    Unit 10/Century Pk, Garrison LaneB9 4NZ Birmingham0121 772 6009

    ... Wholesale, Meat Suppliers, Meat Products, Meat Wholesale, Meat, Meat Wholesalers

  • Royal Cooked Meats

    Unit 79, Sydenham Road Business CentreB11 1DG Birmingham0121 773 2174

    ... Wholesale, Meat Wholesale, Meat, Meat Products, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Suppliers

  • M J M Meats Ltd.

    10/12 Meat Market, Wholesale Markets Precinct, Pershore StreetB5 6UA Birmingham0121 622 1356

    ... Meat Wholesale, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Products, Wholesale, Meat, Meat Suppliers

  • Peter’s Meats

    Unit 1, Benson RoadB18 5TS Birmingham0121 554 8885

    ... Meat Wholesalers, Meat, Meat Wholesale, Meat Suppliers, Wholesale

  • Andy Browns Meats Ltd.

    33 MeadwayB33 8LY Birmingham0121 789 7445

    ... Meat Products, Trimming, Cuts Of Meat, Meat Supplier, Meat Retail

  • Margaret G & David & Paul Pegg & William Uzzell

    40 Revesby Walk, NechellsB7 4LG Birmingham0121-359-4342

    ... Meat Products, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Wholesale, Meat Suppliers

  • G a Fitzgerald

    4/5/Meat Market/Wholesale Markets Precinct, Pershore StreetB5 6UA Birmingham0121 622 4070

    ... Wholesale, Meat Suppliers, Meat Wholesale, Meat Wholesalers, Meat

  • Premium Halal Poultry

    Unit 14, Armoury Rd, Small HeathB11 2RJ Birmingham0121 628 4949

    ... Meat Products, Meat Suppliers, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Wholesale

  • Stirchley Bacon Co.Ltd.

    Birchall Street, Cheapside, DigbethB12 0RP Birmingham0121 666 6059

    ... Meat Products, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Suppliers, Meat Wholesale

  • M S Trading (Uk) Ltd.

    25-27 Horton SquareB12 0YR Birmingham0121 446 4209

    ... Meat, Wholesale, Meat Wholesalers, Meat Suppliers, Meat Wholesale

  • West Heath Butchers

    23 Alvechurch RoadB31 3JW Birmingham0121-604-2626

    ... Meat Products, Trimming, Butcher Shops, Meat Retail, Meat Supplier, Butchery

  • Tidmarsh Family Butchers

    44 Hillwood RoadB31 1DJ Birmingham0121-477-9239

    ... Trimming, Cuts Of Meat, Meat Supplier, Boning, Meat Retail

  • J Staples Butchers

    59 Pool WayB33 8NF Birmingham0121-783-5552

    ... Meat Supplier, Butcher, Butcher Shops, Meat Retail, Trimming, Cuts Of Meat

  • Douglas Butchers

    176 Lincoln Road NorthB27 6RP Birmingham0121-707-2313

    ... Butcher, Meat Retail, Butchery, Meat Supplier, Meat Products

  • Rockford Enterprises Ltd.

    9 Priory WalkB4 7LJ Birmingham0121-236-0048

    ... Cuts Of Meat, Butchery, Meat Products, Butcher Shops, Butcher, Meat Supplier

  • Jones The Butcher Ltd.

    402 Quinton Rd West, QuintonB31 1QG Birmingham0121-422-5331

    ... Butchery, Boning, Meat Supplier, Butcher, Meat Retail, Cuts Of Meat

  • G J Sheldon

    98 Alum Rock Road, Alum RockB8 1HZ Birmingham0121-327-0526

    ... Cuts Of Meat, Meat Supplier, Butcher Shops, Meat Products, Butcher, Trimming

  • G E Field

    26 Curdale RdB32 4HB Birmingham0121 475 5739

    ... Meat Retail, Meat Products, Butcher, Trimming, Meat Supplier, Butchery

  • M J Meats

    3 The Radleys, SheldonB33 0QY Birmingham0121-743-4312

    ... Meat Supplier, Boning, Butcher, Meat Retail, Butcher Shops, Cuts Of Meat

  • Midland Meats

    8 Watford Rd, B30B30 1JA Birmingham0121 486 2444

    ... Butchers, Butchery, Meat Products, Cuts Of Meat, Trimming, Boning, Meat Supplier

  • S & M Butchers

    995 Tyburn Rd, 24B24 0TJ Birmingham0121 373 3146

    ... Meat Products, Trimming, Butchering, Meat Supplier, Butcher, Butchery, Cuts Of Meat

  • General Store

    Dudley RoadB18 7QY Birmingham0121 455 0584

    ... Meat Supplier, Trimming, Meat Products, Boning, Butcher, Meat Retail, Butchers

  • Nigel a Potter

    158 Woodthorpe RoadB14 6EQ Birmingham0121-444-4087

    ... Trimming, Butcher Shops, Meat Supplier, Boning, Cuts Of Meat

  • M Zaffer

    109 Alum Rock RoadB8 1ND Birmingham0121 327 3329

    ... Trimming, Meat Supplier, Butchering, Meat Products, Butchers, Butcher, Butchery

  • Aston Pork Products

    19 Timberley LaneB34 7ED Birmingham0121-747-2655

    ... Butcher, Meat Supplier, Cuts Of Meat, Trimming, Boning, Butchery

  • Jerk Chicken

    248 Ladypool RoadB12 8JT Birmingham01214490030

    ... Trimming, Butchery, Cuts Of Meat, Butcher, Meat Supplier, Boning

  • Old Arley Butchers

    1 Meat Market, Pershore StB5 6UA Birmingham0121 622 4865

    ... Meat Supplier, Meat Products, Butcher, Butcher Shops, Trimming

  • Bunnys Meats

    216-219 Retail Market Stalls, Bull Ring CentreB5 4PG Birmingham0121 643 2069

    ... Meat Supplier, Meat Retail, Boning, Butchery, Butcher, Trimming

  • Walter Smith

    2-8 Cedar Walk, Chelmsley WoodB37 5TU Birmingham0121-779-7631

    ... Butchery, Butcher Shops, Meat Supplier, Cuts Of Meat, Trimming, Boning

  • 2 Sisters Food Group Birmingham

    2Nd Floor, 9 Colmore RowB3 2BJ Birmingham

    ... Food Manufacturer, Frozen Food, Poultry Supplier, Red Meat Supplier

  • Michael John Collins

    7 Shenley GrnB29 4HH Birmingham0121-477-8559

    ... Boning, Butchery, Butcher, Butcher Shops, Trimming, Meat Supplier

  • Dale Traditional Family Butcher

    184 Streetly RoadB23 7AL Birmingham01213 862300

    ... Meat, Boning, Meat Retail, Butchers, Butchery, Butcher Shops, Meat Supplier, Trimming, Butcher,...

  • Harknett Butchers

    1011 Alcester Rd Sth, B14B14 5JA Birmingham0121 430 5689

    ..., Butchering, Meat Retail, Butcher, Butchery, Meat Supplier, Cuts Of Meat, Boning, Butcher Shops

  • Keith Emery

    4 Solihull La, 28B28 9LU Birmingham0121 744 1990

    ... Meat Products, Meat Retail, Butchery, Butchering, Cuts Of Meat, Butcher Shops, Butchers, Meat...

  • Daniel Carty

    Care Of Kwik Save, 116 Turves GreenB31 4BL Birmingham0121 477 9500

    ... Meat, Butchery, Boning, Meat Products, Trimming, Meat Retail, Butcher, Butcher Shops, Butchers,...

  • Halah Chicken

    138 Ladypool RoadB12 8JA Birmingham0121 772 7328

    ... Boning, Butchery, Butchers, Cuts Of Meat, Meat Retail, Meat Supplier, Meat Products

  • Moses Butchers

    325 Dudley RoadB18 4HB Birmingham0121 454 9638

    ... Meat Retail, Meat Products, Boning, Meat Supplier, Butcher, Cuts Of Meat, Butcher Shops

  • A Amanait

    375 Ladypool RoadB12 8LA Birmingham0121 449 5671

    ... Butcher, Meat Retail, Meat Supplier, Butcher Shops, Meat Products, Cuts Of Meat, Butchers, Boning

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